The Bespoke Glycol Beer System

At Glycol Cooling Systems, we design, install and maintain bespoke, energy efficient glycol beer systems that save you energy, waste and money while delivering a consistent, high quality draft beer, ale and stout that your customers will love again and again. Our unique design along with Lancer glycol chillers can incorporate and cool all your other refrigeration and coldroom equipment at a much higher efficiency level than standard refrigeration systems. Voted Refrigeration System of the Year 2013 by RAC Magazine, the glycol cooling system can provide payback on initial investment within 18-24 months through energy savings, waste reduction and reduced maintenance/line cleaning costs. We are also delighted to now announce that along with our finance partner SESCO, we can offer 100% finance packages so you don’t pay a penny for the perfect draft beer & refrigeration glycol system.  Making the smarter choice for your business has never been simpler!

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Who Is The System For?

Whatever size establishment you operate, we can design, install and maintain an energy efficient, bespoke system to cater for your needs. From bars, to hotels to national stadiums, this award winning Glycol beer cooling system has been dramatically improving the quality of dispense products and cutting costs across the UK and Ireland for outlets great and small.

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How Does The Glycol Beer System Work?

The system uses a central bath of glycol (food safe antifreeze) to cool all refrigeration equipment. The bath is chilled to approximately -4°C (25°) and with the use of a glycol specific, high-flow pump, the glycol / water solution is distributed to beer cellars, bottle coolers and food cold rooms, similar to the process of a household heating system. This award winning system (Refrigeration Product of the Year 2013 – RAC Magazine) can deliver up to 60% savings on refrigeration electricity bills; plus it provides free hot water by transferring the heat from the glycol compressor directly into the bar/hotel’s hot water system.

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Some Satisfied Users Of The Glycol System.

The Guinness Store House – Dublin

Emirates Stadium – London

JD Wetherspoons – Across UK & Ireland

Wembley Stadium – London

The Ring Bar – London

The Kings Arms – London

NewPark Hotel – Kilkenny, Ireland

Clayton Hotel – Dublin

Red Cow Inn – Dublin

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Savings On Energy Bills
Less Line Cleaning
Less Drinks Waste
Customer Satisfaction

These Are Just A Few Of The Main Features & Benefits Of The Glycol Cooling System Over A Traditional Beer Cooling System……There Are Plenty More!

  • Improved Beer, Ale & Stout Quality

  • Reduced Refrigeration Energy Bills

  • Reduced Beer Waste

  • FREE Hot Water Through Heat Recovery

  • 3 Times Less Line Cleaning Required

  • Less Maintenance

  • Less Noise & Heat Behind The Bar

  • Multiple Pouring Temperatures (0° – +10°)

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  • RAC Magazine Award Winning System

  • Finance Packages Available

  • Quick Install, No Down Time In Service

  • Full Integration Of All Other Refrigeration Equipment

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Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich

The Greyhound Bar Sydenham

WetherSpoons Testimonial

Riverside Park Hotel Glycol Cooling Beer System

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