How It Works

GCS DiagramThe Glycol System works much in the same way a standard household heating system works. A central bath of glycol (food safe antifreeze, 70% glycol, 30% water ) is used to cool all refrigeration equipment on your site. The bath is chilled to approximately -4°C (25°) and with the use of a glycol-specific, high-flow pump, the glycol / water solution is distributed to chill beer cellars, bottle coolers and food cold rooms. All draught and dispense drinks are chilled again at the point of dispense, meaning you get a high-quality drinks product at the perfect temperature without any waste.

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What Can The Glycol System Do For Your Business?

  • Improve Beer Quality & Reduce Pouring Waste

    Because our award winning glycol system chills draught products at the point of dispense, your customers will instantly notice the dramatically improved quality of your draught beers, ales and stouts. This unique design characteristic also means the system naturally reduces needless pouring waste to 0.5% (depending on the outlet) and will allow you to serve your beer/stout/ale at adjustable pouring temperatures, ranging from 0 to 10°C. The system can also accommodate splash soft drinks and dispense wines at adjustable temperatures. 

  • Lower Energy Bills

    Our unique system design can accommodate and cool all your other refrigeration equipment including bottle coolers, cold storage and kitchen refrigeration. It can achieve this at a much more cost effective and higher level of efficiency than standard refrigeration systems. It will also eliminate the need for any under counter coolers in your draught dispense area which will reduce costs, noise & heat and free up more space on your premises.

  • Less Line Cleaning & Maintenance Costs 

    The glycol system only requires you to clean your beer lines once every 4 weeks as opposed to the currently recommended, once every week. This means lower maintenance cost and cheaper keg prices from major breweries at home or from overseas. In large pubs & hotels considerable maintenance savings will accrue when all compressors are removed from all food equipment, cold rooms and bottle coolers.

  • Free Hot Water

    Through a combination of heat generated by the external compressor operating the glycol system and our heat recovery technology, our system can provide your business with FREE hot water up to 50°C!

  • Independence

    A tap site on the counter of a licenced premise is a valuable asset to any brewery. Owning your own bespoke cooling system allows you the independence to decide on the draft products that you and your customers prefer. Since the breweries are no longer providing and maintaining your existing coolers and ice banks, the costs of which are included in the keg price, it inevitably enables you to negotiate better keg prices with those selected breweries.

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Beer SYstem

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